Thermal FR Composite

ANJNEY TUBES INDIA always believed in coming up with new ideas and innovation and that resulted in a THERMAL FR COMPOSITE PIPES. The Thermal expansion of polymer is high and thus we innovated the product THERMAL FR COMPOSITE Piping that is sandwiched with the glass fibre layer that increases its strength also provides an insulation.

SINCE last 2 decades we have always encouraged research and development and that has led to continuous development of THERMAL FR COMPOSITE Pipes.

PRINCLPLE: Multi-layer glass reinforcement technology gives good mechanical properties compared to other polymer pipes based on the following features.

Design & Standard: Working on the both the aspects of STANDARDS and APPLICATION this product was developed following DIN 8077/78 and Fittings are manufactured as per DIN 16962.

Product Range of Thermal FR Composite

ANJNEY Tubes India having a vast product range in piping and all types of plane and threaded fittings with sizes ranging
From 20 mm to 160 mm: SOCKET FUSION TECHNOLOGY
and From 160 mm to 315 mm: BUTT WELDING TECHNOLOGY.

Products PIPING Outer Diameter (mm)
20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110 160 200 250 315
SDR 11 PN 10 - - - - - -
SDR 7.4 PN 16
SDR 6 PN 20

Products Thermal FR Composite


Thermal FR Composite Application

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