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Since last 27 years ANJNEY TUBES INDIA have signified their presence in industrial piping division and developed specified products for specified applications and have successfully cleared the concept of Energy saving at national as well as international stages also.

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Growth Calendar

  1. Anjney's Growth Calendar
    Launch of ANJNEY Plast Industries
    Product Line Polymer Fastners
    Team Members 5
    Infrastructure 1000 SQFT (Rented)
  2. Anjney's Growth Calendar
    Launch of ANJNEY Valves India
    Product Range Polymer Fastners & Valves
    Team Members 9
    Infrastructure 2000 SQFT (Rented)
  3. Anjney's Growth Calendar
    Product Range Polymer Fastners, Valves, Fittings, Installation
    Team Members 15
    Infrastructure 2000 SQFT (Rented)
  4. Anjney's Growth Calendar
    Launch of ANJNEY Tubes India
    Product Range Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Installation Services
    Team Members 15
    Infrastructure 2000 SQFT (Rented)
    Product Range Polymer Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Installation Services
    Team Members 25
    Infrastructure 4000 SQFT (Owned)

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Certified products from the Bureau of Indian Standards and registered with the ISI mark.

  6. Anjney's Growth Calendar

    GROWTH: Through continuous research and development, a new revolutionary product was developed called GLASS REINFORCEMENT

    ACHIEVEMENTS: We got a PATENT on a Glass Reinforcement Technology.

  7. Anjney's Growth Calendar

    GROWTH: As a result of constant research and development, a FLAME RETARDANT technology was developed.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Launched Flame Retardant technology in our pipeline for the Textile Segment to meet the compliances and overcome the major drawback of FLAME HAZARDS.

  8. Anjney's Growth Calendar

    GROWTH: Developed Channel Sales with Product Sales.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Established 18 Authorized Dealers and 3 Global Dealers.

  9. GROWTH: ANJNEY CHARITABLE TRUST was named as one step forward in CSR

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Shree Ram Katha, orated by Bhagwat Bhushan Pujya Bhaishree Ramesh Bhai Oza, was performed to commemorate our magnificent success of 18 years.

  10. GROWTH: The dynamic ANJNEY team strength reached 100 persons.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: CSR activities initiated:
    1) Monthly Grocery kit to all the Staff members
    2) Old age Pensions
    3) Widow & Widower Pensions

  11. Anjney's Growth Calendar

    GROWTH: efficaciously completed 25+ installations in ABROAD

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Dreamed of building ANJNEY corporate house and proceeded to make it a reality

  12. GROWTH:
    1) Successful installation in India’s 5 most renowned pharmacies that sum up to 20+ km each.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Inaugurated the dream mission - ANJNEY Corporate House

  13. GROWTH: Two verticals API and ACI

    ACHIEVEMENT 1: Classical Panchgavya, Panchgavya Based Ayurvedic Formulations & Medicated Ghrit

    ACHIEVEMENT 2: Swift Compostable packaging & Takeaway Containers

  14. Target for GROWTH & ACHIEVEMENTS

    Successfully celebrating Silver Jubilee By Inaugurating 2 new verticals



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