Credentials of Anjney Tubes India

The certificates that we demonstrate or produce are not the actual ones but the one’s which we achieve are the real credentials.

The company has achieved credentials that cover its Quality, Management, product and most importantly the satisfaction of customers.

  • The Management is ISO certified and also financial certified by D & B. Also the product has its own strength and is registered with Trademark
  • The strength that earned us a national award in 2015-16 under SME achievers.
  • The real award for the company is the satisfaction of the customers. We have had prestigious installations with very reputed companies and have also received their satisfaction letters
  • The satisfaction earned is proven on the paper as company itself organizes and proves the claim that the piping they have installed is saving significant energy for them and thus we have also customer certified energy audit reports.
  • The customers base is not only limited to INDIA but the company also have grown its reputation in abroad as well and have satisfied the customers over there too.

Precious Clients

They Certified our Strength