PPCH – Brand itself became a Technology

With 27 years of experience in INDUSTRIAL piping division ANJNEY TUBES INDIA always worked rigorously in research and development. We have always brought something innovative on the table for our customers. All our products are innovated and tested at our desk and labs only.

Over the continuous hard work of 15 years we always believed in innovation and research. With the best quality products we have had multiple installations in various applications all around the globe and OUR BRAND PPCH itself became a TECHNOLOGY in the market.

PPCH: Pneumatic Pipe for Compressed Air Handling is the registered trademark under IPIndia under Class 17 and Class 19 with the trademark numbers as 3332845 respectively.

TECHNOLOGY: Adopting latest Innovative Multi-layer Glass reinforcement technology with special grade of exova-certified 125 MRS Polypropylene Polymer.

DESIGN: Working simultaneously and fulfilling both APPLICATION as well as STANDARDS we have designed our products in a unique pattern with blue and black layer in alternate layer technology where BLACK layer depicts the U.V resistance and BLUE layer follows the International norms for the pneumatic application.

STANDARD: PPCH FR Pneumatic Pipes are manufactured as per DIN 8077/78 & PPCH fittings are manufactured as per ISO 16982 Part 5 to 10.

PRINCIPLE: Energy saving Non-metallic Glass Reinforcement Piping.

Features of PPCH

Life of Machine and its energy consumption is highly depended on selection of the piping.
ANJNEY PPCH PIPES are designed and maintained on the base of energy saving consideration and it’s below mentioned relevant FEATURES

Higher MRS 125 grade of raw material supports in producing lower wall thickness with the same pressure application and same diameter of piping resulting in more flow compared with any other plastic piping technologies (PP, PPR, PVC, HDPE)
Multi-layered Glass reinforced Technology provides highest C value i.e. 150 which supports more, fast and smooth flow. Also the least RA value ranges between 0.1-0.3 microns that supports smooth flow.
Glass reinforcement will support the least condensation as the thermal conductivity of Polymer is least and more over glass reinforcement will drastically retard the moisture condensation.
Special grade of polymer by latest technology production process will make the inner layer non-corrosive resulting in production of clean and dry air.
Socket fusion welding technology makes the pipe leak proof through-out its life span.
Special registered design of successive alternate layer gives UV resistance through black layer and ISO standard identification through blue layer.
Glass reinforcement technology will reduce thermal expansion, Thus piping support quantity will reduce leading to the overall cost reduction compare to other polymer pipe options.
Has an Ad-on unique and ultimate feature of flame retardancy.
Least RA value, Higher C value, Leak proof socket welding technology and negligible pressure drop ultimately results in Energy saving piping System compared to any others.

Technical Evaluation of PPCH

PPCH Technical Evaluation

This Innovative Technology of PPCH FR V2 pneumatic pipes and fittings is the ultimate replacement for all kinds of compressed air application like metal pipes (GI / MS / CI / SS), plastic pipes (PP/ PPR) and aluminum pipes as well.

The ground braking PPCH Technology claims to provide 2% to 5% of energy saving by replacing any other compressed airline piping technology.

More clarity with figures to understand how PPCH FR V2 pneumatic pipes and fittings can save energy compared to any other compressed air piping solution.

Explicit Closure: Least RA value, Higher C value, Leak proof socket welding technology and negligible pressure drop ultimately results in Energy saving piping System compared to any others.

Product Range of PPCH

ANJNEY Tubes India having a vast product range in piping and all types of Plane and Threaded Fittings with sizes ranging
From 20 mm to 160 mm: SOCKET FUSION TECHNOLOGY
From 160 mm to 315 mm: BUTT WELDING TECHNOLOGY

Products PIPING Outer Diameter (mm)
20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110 160 200 250 315
SDR 11 PN 10 - - - - - -
SDR 7.4 PN 16
SDR 6 PN 20

Products PPCH


PPCH Application

Compressed Air
Instrument Air
Vacuum Line
Nitrogen Air

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