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Polymer pipe technology always goes through various updates due to regular research and development and due to this many manufacturers fail to cope up with this either due to lack of infrastructure or due to less technically sound or the organization fails to make up and bare the expenses for the best quality product. All these ultimately ends up in an inferior or a downgraded product.

ANJNEY TUBES INDIA is working with latest innovative technology i.e. PP grade with MRS 125 technology since 2003. ANJNEY TUBES INDIA were the first one to adopt with German DIN standards along with ISO standards with the support of BASELL.

PPRCT: PPRCT is registered trademark under class 17 with the continuous effort and customer satisfaction. PPRCT is the most trusted brand providing the quality that is "BEYOND THE STANDARDS".

Technology: PPRCT piping adopt latest multi-layer glass reinforced technology providing the piping from latest technology raw material polymer MRS 125 having the highest mechanical properties which gives high pressure sustainability in lower wall thickness at High temperature and high pressure applications.

Design: Working simultaneously and fulfilling both APPLICATION as well as STANDARDS we have designed our products in a unique pattern with Green and Black layer in alternate layer technology where BLACK layer depicts the U.V resistance and GREEN layer follows the International norms for the utility application.

Standard: PPRCT Pipes are manufactured as per DIN 8077/78 & PPRCT fittings are manufactured as per ISO 16982 Part 5 to 10.

PRINCILPLE: More flow, more saving on same diameter based on the following features.

Features of PPRCT

Life of Machine and its energy consumption is highly depended on selection of the piping.
ANJNEY PPRCT PIPES are designed and maintained on the base of energy saving consideration and it’s below mentioned relevant FEATURES

Higher MRS 125 grade raw material supports in producing lower wall thickness with the same diameter of piping which results in more flow compared to any other polymer piping technology (HDPE, PPR, PP).
Multi-layer Glass reinforced Technology gives higher strength, less thermal expansion.
The inner surface has the least RA value i.e. less than 0.3 micron which gives a smooth fluid flow.
The middle glass fibre layer creates an insulation and that prevents the temperature loss in the piping.
Socket Fusion welding technology creates the least pressure drop compared to butt welding technology.

Technical Evaluation of PPRCT

PPCH Technical Evaluation

ANJNEY PPRCT piping are developed with a special grade of polypropelene with Glass Reinforcement which serves the industrial needs. This product remarkbly reduces the maintenance cost and increases the Life Expectancy as well as Energy Saving.

ANJNEY PPRCT piping is a brilliant innovation and an upgraded product of previous product named Thermal FR Composite pipe which has successfully completed 15000 installation across India in various industrial application. Almost 6500 industrial clients have already obtained the benefits of these pipes.

Product Range of PPRCT

ANJNEY Tubes India having a vast product range in piping and all types of plane and threaded fittings with sizes ranging
From 20 mm to 160 mm: SOCKET FUSION TECHNOLOGY
and From 160 mm to 315 mm: BUTT WELDING TECHNOLOGY.

Products PIPING Outer Diameter (mm)
20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110 160 200 250 315
SDR 11 PN 10 - - - - - -
SDR 7.4 PN 16
SDR 6 PN 20

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