Comparison between PPRCT FR Pneumatic and Metal Pipe

PPRCT comparison writeup - Focusing on the Better Flow with Energy saving solutions. Energy saving Glass reinforced PPRCT pipes are highly recommended for Process lines, Water lines, Chemical lines and many other fluids. The differentiators that we provide are NO Leakage, UV resistance, Insulation, Strength and many more. To know more about the difference you can have a look below.

pprct-metal pprct-metal
Criteria PPRCT FR
Composite Piping
Metal Pipes
Joining System related to strength Socket fusion joining system having indissoluble and leak proof joints Threaded joints having poor joining strength
Leakage related to Energy loss 0% leakage due to socket fusion joints which saves energy Higher leakages due to threaded joints leading to energy loss
RA Value related to friction loss 0.1 Micron RA value leads to least friction loss and saves energy 1.3 Micron RA Value creates higher friction loss and energy loss
Thermal Conductivity related to heat loss 0.135 Btu / hr F thermal conductivity assures negligible heat loss 900 times higher heat loss having 27.09 Btu / F thermal conductivity
Insulation Minimum insulation required just to prevent sweating Very high insulation necessary to prevent temperature loss and sweating due to higher thermal conductivity
Corrosion resistance 100% Non-corrosive pipeline does not create leakage and gives good quality flow High chances of Moisture due to atmospheric reaction creates lots of corrosion which makes the pipe rust and leads to higher leakages
Life with Maintenance Due to crystalline technology and higher MRS (Minimum required strength), up to 20 years life without maintenance Due to corrosion and leakages, 5 years life with maintenance

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