Comparison between PPCH FR Pneumatic and PPR / PPRC Pipe

PPR Piping is being used for domestic water line and household plumbing applications. With a view to resolve Sagging and pressure drop, ANJNEY has invented PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings and is supplying its product range in huge quantity in India and outside India. This way, Anjney Tubes India is also known as one of the best “Pneumatic Fittings manufacturers” and “Pneumatic Fittings Exporters” of India.

ppch-ppr ppch-ppr
Criteria PPCH FR V2
Pneumatic Pipes
PPR Plumbing Pipes
Fire Possibilities Absolutely Flame Retardant V 2 Pipes Opposing Fire to Increase Insisting Fire and Can Catch the Fire Very Easily; Burns Like A Candle
Mechanical Strength Almost Double Strength Owing to Glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology Average Strength Because of Random Co Polymer
Temperature Resistance Higher Temperature Resistance Because of Inbuilt Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer Moderate Temperature Resistance on Account of Random Co Polymer
Thermal Expansion Very Less Thermal Expansion Because of Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer Very High Thermal Expansion Having Random Co Polymer Compared to All Polymers
Clamping Requirement 50% Less Clamping Requirement Compared to PPR Pipes Due to Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer Almost Double Clamping Requirement Owing to Random Co Polymer
Maintenance NIL Maintenance Having Benefits Such As Least Thermal Expansion and Sagging High Chances of Maintenance Because of Higher Thermal Expansion Leading to Sagging

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